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Get all Room Lists in your Exchange Organization

Just a quick PowerShell one-liner on how to find all configured room lists in your Exchange organization: Set-ADServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true Get-DistributionGroup -ResultSize Unlimited | Where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomList"} | Format-Table DisplayName,Identity,PrimarySmtpAddress –AutoSize Enjoy Exchange. [image]

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Create a Room List

The following PowerShell snippet helps to create room lists for the Room Finder functionality in Outlook or Outllok on the Web. This snippet creates a new room list named All Video Conference Rooms. The display name is shown in the Room Finder combo box. The room list members are a mixture of physical rooms (where you actually go to) and virtual rooms which you just dial into. # General Properties $DisplayName = 'All Video Conference Rooms' $Name = 'DEP_IT_AllVideoConfRooms' $Alias =...

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New-RoomMailbox Script updated to V 1.1

The PowerShell script to create a new room mailbox has been updated to Version 1.1. The new release supports adding of a phone number to the room details. Issue #2 is now closed. Creating a separate security group for calendar booking is still open as issue #1. You can read the original and up-to-date blog post here: Create a new room mailbox with security groups Links Download the script at Githuib: Download and vote at TechNet:...

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Update-CASMailbox PowerShell script updated to v1.1

The PowerShell script to set Client Access mailbox settings based on AD group membership has been updated. The issue fixed had been registered as issue #1. The new release version is v1.1. Download Github: TechNet Gallery: [image]

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Set Mailbox Item Private Flag

Last updated: 2018-01-15 [image][image]Problem When you migrate messages from alternative email solution (e.g. Lotus Notes) you might migrate sentitive content that must stay private in the new Exchange Server target location. So how can you mark such messages as private? Solution The privacy level (Sensitivity) of a mailbox item is controlled by MAPI extended property 0x36. 0x36 = 0, sensitivity = normal 0x36 = 2, sensitivity = private The command line tool searches for...

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Outlook OAB Download Error 0x80200051

Sometimes you have the need to download the Offline Addressbook (OAB) for the Outlook email client manually. When initiating a manual OAB download you might encounter a 0x80200051 error. A common mitigation scenario is to switch between Outlook Online-Mode and Outlook Cached-Mode multiple times. This mitigation scenario does not solve the issue. [image] When you active Outlook Cached-Mode it is required to perform a full OAB download. The OAB download dialogue provides an option to...

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Reclaiming missing NTFS disk space from VSS

Issue Recently I was facing an issue where Windows Server 2012 R2 reported remaining 22% of free disk space of one of the Exchange Server data volumes. The Exchange Server data volumes are connected using mount points. Before trying to identify any issues in regards to hidden system files or streams, I checked the volume shadow copy configuration using the Disk Management MMC. Windows Disk Management showed that volume C: was using a mounted volume as shadow copy target. [image]...

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Set-ReceiveConnectorIpAddress script updated

An update to the PowerShell script (Set-ReceiveConnectorIpAddress) to add or remove remote IP address ranges to/from Exchange Server receive connectors is available. A new parameter to provide a comment on why an IP address is added or removed has been added to the script. # EXAMPLE .\Set-ReceiveConnectorIpAddress.ps1 -ConnectorName MyConnector -IpAddress -Action Remove -ViewEntireForest $true -Comment 'Personal request of upper management' Get the most recent version...

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