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Block .Net Framework 4.7.2

It happend again. A new .Net Framework version has been released via the Windows Update distribution channel and the Exchange Server Team has decided to skip support for the new release. You're only option is to block the automatic installation by the local Windows Update Agent using a registry. The follow BlockNetFramework472.reg file simplifies setting the registry key. Links Do Not Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 on Exchange Servers How to temporarily block the...

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PowerShell script New-RoomMailbox updated

[image][image]The PowerShell script New-RoomMailbox has been updated and release v1.2 has been published to GitHub and TechNet Gallery. The script now creates a third mail-enabled security group to limit the set of users which are allowed to book the resource. The group itself is created (prepared) only, but not assigned to the room resource. Additionally, the default language (locale) is configured. This prohibits the "Set locale" - dialogue when accessing the room mailbox using...

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Manage Master Category List for Shared Mailboxes and Teams

[image][image]Description The Category List Manager is a C# Visual Studio Solution that allows you to connect to a source mailbox which is either hosted on an on-premises Exchange Server or in Exchange Online using Exchange Web Services (EWS). You can use AutoDiscover or a static Url to connect to the Exchange Server or Office 365. By default the solution uses the credentials of the user executing the program. These credentials are referred to as default credentials. You can use the...

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Exchange Server Schema Information

Exchange Server extends the Active Directory schema during the PrepareSchema step during setup. The steps PrepareAD, PrepareDomain, or PrepareAlLDomains create Active Directory containers and objects that are crucially important for a stable operation of Exchange Server. There are different Active Directory objects that are used to determine, if Active Directory has a proper Exchange Server configuration up and running. Forest level At Active Directory forest level the following...

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Read Exchange Schema Information from all Domains in an Active Directory Forest

[image][image][image][image]Description This script reads the Exchange schema version from the Active Directory schema partition. The Exchange organization name is fetched from Active Directory automatically. The script fetches at forest level: objectVersion of MESO Container rangeUpper of ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt msExchProductId of Exchange Organization container objectVersion of Exchange Organization container The script fetches at domain level: objectVersion of MESO...

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Secure Mobile Device Access with Sentry and Kemp LoadMaster ESP

You might have the requirement to authenticate mobile devices and authorize user access to on-premises Exchange Server mailboxes using a multi-vendor strategy. This blog post focuses on the configuration of a Kemp LoadMaster located in an internal network segment. The Kemp LoadMaster ESP functionality is used to allow ActiveSync connections for members of a dedicated security group only. This results in the following authentication and authorization endpoints: MobileIron access...

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SharePoint Conference 2018 - Connect Collaborate Create

[image] SharePoint Conference North America is just 4 weeks away! Now is a great time to register and make your plans to BE THERE in Las Vegas. See the schedule, available now, with over 160 sessions to immerse yourself each day on what you need to know about SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. Check out The Road to @SPConf, which reveals the inside scoop about SharePoint Conference North America and what you can expect with the return of the SharePoint...

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Fetch remote SMTP servers connecting to Exchange

[image][image][image][image]Description When migrating to new version of Exchange Servers you must move your internal SMTP relay endpoints. This can be a challeging tasks as application owners mostly ignore your requests for such changes. You can use the information provided in the receive connector log files to identify remote clients (MTAs / MTUs) connecting to the legacy infrastructure. The assumption is that protocol logging is enabled. You can easily active protocol logging...

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