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Fetch remote SMTP servers connecting to Exchange

[image][image][image][image]Description When migrating to new version of Exchange Servers you must move your internal SMTP relay endpoints. This can be a challeging tasks as application owners mostly ignore your requests for such changes. You can use the information provided in the receive connector log files to identify remote clients (MTAs / MTUs) connecting to the legacy infrastructure. The assumption is that protocol logging is enabled. You can easily active protocol logging...

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MVP 2018

Today is a wonderful day. I just received the notification email that I am awarded as a MVP for Office Servers and Services. [image] Looking forward to interesting times with the other fellow MVPs, MCM and MCSM colleagues. Thanks.[image]

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Exchange Server becomes Outlook Server

This article was originally posted on April 1st 2018 The latest downloadable build of Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 9 disclosed an information that was previously shown accidently to the public by Greg T. during his breakout session BRK3249 - Modern Authentication for Exchange Server On-Premises at Microsoft Ignite 2017. [image] As part of the global harmonization of the product name space of the well established Outlook brand the next release of Exchange Server will be...

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Fehler bei Legacy Public Folder Migration zu Exchange Online

Problem Wenn Sie Öffentliche Ordner alter Bauart (Legacy Public Folder) von Exchange Server 2010 zu modernen Öffentlichen Ordnern (Modern Public Folder) in Exchange Online migrieren, kann es bei der Synchronisation der Öffentlichen Ordner zu folgendem Fehler kommen: Error: More than X mail public folders in Active Directory were not linked to any public folder during migration. Mail flow will stop working for these public folders after the migration is finalized. Please check whether...

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Rename and Trim Legacy Public Folders for Modern Public Folder Migration

[image]Description When you want to migrate your legacy public folders from Exchange 2010 to modern public folders in Exchange Online you must prepare the public folder names for migration. Public folder names are not allowd to contain the following: Backslash "\" Forward slash "/" Leading or trailing spaces The script Fix-PublicFolderNames.ps1 fixes the public folder names in preparation for migration to modern public folders. Examples # EXAMPLE # Rename and trim public...

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Über das Vertrauen in die Cloud und ihre Sicherheit

The english version of the post has been published at ENow's ESE Blog: The Requirement to Trust and Change When Moving to the Cloud [image]Die Möglichkeit, computerbasierte Daten auf Fremdsystemen zu verarbeiten ist keine neue Erfindung. Zum Beispiel wird die Auslagerung von Finanzdaten zu Steuerberatern zur weiteren Verarbeitung bereits seit Jahrzehnten genutzt. Seit der Einführung des Begriffes „Cloud“ erzeugt der Gedanke, das computerbasierte Daten bei Fremddienstleistern...

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IMAP Migration zu Exchange Online

Die Migration von E-Mail Postfächern von alternativen E-Mail Servern, wie z.B. Lotus Notes, zu Office 365 ist über das Protokoll IMAP möglich. Die Möglichkeit zur Datenmigration ist in das Office 365 Admin Center implementiert. Über den Menüpunkt Datenmigration können Office 365 Administratoren Postfach-Migrationen zu Office 365 starten. Hierbei werden im Hintergrund die notwendigen Konfigurationen in Exchange Online vorgenommen. Die nachfolgenden Schritte beschreiben die Migration von...

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Blog Cumulative Update Februar 2018

Das Blog Cumulative Update für Februar 2018 (CU0218) fasst interessante Themen rund um Cloud Sicherheit, Exchange Server, Office 365, Azure und Skype for Business des Monats Februar 2018 zusammen. Exchange Server Outlook License Requirements for Exchange Features Upgrade Paths for CU’s & .NET 420 4.2.0 RESOLVER.ADR.Ambiguous; ambiguous address Office 365 | OneDrive | Exchange Online | and more [STICKY] Office 365-Trust Center [STICKY] Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges Office...

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